Marc Minaya Ruiz

Marc, at 46 years old, detected a pimple on his nipple which did not heal. His doctor prescribed antibiotics. Concerned, he did some tests and breast cancer was detected. Marc was surprised, he thought…a man? The doctor told him “We are mammals, we all have breasts”. A great phrase! Marc was in shock, he never thought that he would get sick, being healthy and young with four children, and now with a cancer unknown to men and invisible to the world. Would the treatment be the same as for women? Well, basically, yes, although he is a man, they get the same treatments.

Treatment consisted of a mastectomy, removal of some affected lymph nodes, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and now tamoxifen. He has many side effects: joint pain, forgetfulness, mood swings, and reduced mobility in the arm and chest. His life has changed, but he’s there to be with his wife and children.

Marc wants to let the world know that breast cancer also exists in men, since they are two percent of new cases in Spain. He believes there is no need to hide or be ashamed. He is giving the disease in men visibility, by painting and creating. On this path, he found the Asociación de Pacientes con Cáncer de Mama Masculino (@asociacioninvi on Twitter) and they have helped him find solutions and meet more patients like him. Marc wants his children and the whole world to be aware that men can also get breast cancer.

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