No man should ever have to go through breast cancer alone.

We know when a man hears the words “you have breast cancer,” he is often overcome with a flood of emotions that may include shock, fear, embarrassment—a mix of feelings and reactions. This life-changing moment, and the journey that follows (which may be different for everyone) can only truly be understood by those who have been there, those who have traveled the male breast cancer journey themselves.

It is our hope that the communities offered here will serve as a valuable source of connection for our men with breast cancer. And that each of you will find some comfort and solace in sharing, and never, ever feel alone.

We’re here for you.

Breast cancer can be a long journey, and we don’t ever want you to feel that you are traveling that road alone. MBCGA now offers three private member-hosted communities on Facebook: one for men with breast cancer, one for their care partners, and one for those who have lost a loved one to male breast cancer. 

Each group is a place where you can freely and safely connect, learn, share, and feel supported. Engage with others from diagnosis through treatment; get information about clinical trials and research efforts; and share your stories and experiences with others who truly understand. All groups are visible on Facebook, but membership is by approval and only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. JOIN US!

AnCan is about people helping people, peer-to-peer—people living with various conditions and situations, who help others faced with similar issues. AnCan does this collectively and individually by providing answers, advocacy, education, support, and navigation to empower people living with serious and chronic conditions to address their worlds. A top-rated charitable organization, AnCan’s vision is to provide easily accessible, inclusive virtual peer support for every serious disease and condition allowing widespread participation, especially to those geographically, physically, or socially disadvantaged.

Man Up to Cancer is changing what it means to “Man Up” to cancer; inspiring men to connect and avoid isolation throughout their cancer journeys. Too often, men “check out” after a cancer diagnosis. They struggle with shame, depression, and loss of identity, all of which can lead to poor outcomes. Man Up to Cancer provides a wide range of digital content, as well as an incredibly engaged Facebook group, to tackle the isolation problem head-on. “Manning Up” isn’t about being tough. It’s about realizing that men are smarter and stronger as a pack than they are as lone wolves. And it means reaching out, instead of isolating, and having the courage to accept help.

The Men’s Virtual Meet-Up (VMU)
in partnership with WalktheWalk

In 2017, WalktheWalk/UK launched their “Men Get Breast Cancer Too” campaign with just 6 male survivors, and now have 24 men involved with their efforts. Survivors Doug Harper (Lead Moderator) and Dave Talbot host the monthly Men’s Virtual Meet-Up (UK), a wonderful opportunity for men who have had breast cancer to “meet” and talk about things that are important and unique to them. This resource is peer-led, run by and for men affected by breast cancer. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00pm (UK time). For more information, email

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