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A short time ago, hardly anyone had even heard about breast cancer in men. And if a man faced a diagnosis, he felt embarrassed, alone, afraid to tell anyone—sometimes even those closest to him. We’re working hard to change all that. We’re determined to make a difference in the lives of men, their care partners and their families. MOST importantly—we’re working to save lives around the world through global partnerships, support, connection, advocacy and education. And we won’t stop until there’s a cure for breast cancer, for everyone.

The Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance brings men with breast cancer together with researchers, clinicians and oncologists around the world for the purpose of advancing research, clinical trials and treatments for men diagnosed with breast cancer. Our mission is to advocate for all men diagnosed with breast cancer to ensure they receive equal access to support and treatment; to serve as a source of support and resources for the men, their care partners, and their families; to ensure that men are appropriately represented in research and clinical trials, and to recruit volunteer “ambassadors” to increase awareness of breast cancer in men on a global scale.

Specifically, the MBCGA:

Over the last nine years, we’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve worked hard to open the dialogue about breast cancer in men. We succeed in building a welcoming, caring community that provides resources and support for those who are newly diagnosed and their care partners. We have dramatically increased awareness among medical practitioners (of all levels and specialties), researchers, pharmaceutical companies and the public at large, on an international scale. And through our direct efforts, we have finally seen the acceptance of men into several breast cancer clinical trials. We have, essentially, added a significant amount of “blue” to the sea of pink, on multiple fronts. But we have so much more to do, and we need your help. If your organization is interested in being a sponsor and becoming a partner in our life-saving global mission, we invite you to reach out.

For more information on our sponsorship programs and opportunities, contact:

Cheri Ambrose, Founder & President
Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance

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