Rudi Jackson

MBCGA Director

As a 10-year male breast cancer survivor, Rudi Jackson shares a common experience with the men the MBCGA serves. He identifies with their struggles to receive treatment for a disease that doesn’t have a history of treating men, and shares their frustrations surrounding the lack of research available that could provide insights about how to properly treat men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since he was initially diagnosed in 2012, Rudi has been working as an advocate for men with breast cancer by meeting with local men, participating in local fundraisers, speaking at national and local breast cancer organizations (promoting early detection for men and women) and attending walks and other events sponsored by some of the national cancer organizations. He has been interviewed on local television and radio, and was featured on the cover of CEO Magazine.

A servant leader with more than 20 years’ experience working with at-risk youth and families, Rudi has worked as a foster care Social Worker where he was responsible for placing and monitoring the children who were in the custody of the local department of social services. He has also worked for a private child-placing agency where he garnered a thorough knowledge of the child welfare system. He founded a non-profit youth development organization that provided mentoring services for at-risk youth who were the children of incarcerated parents. 

Rudi is a graduate of Virginia State University and holds a degree in Public Administration. He has served on the local Human Rights Committee, and as a board member of two non-profit organizations. He currently resides in Alexandria, VA.

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