Kara N. Maxwell, MD PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Staff Physician, Corporal Michael Crescenz VA Medical Center

Dr. Maxwell is a Medical Oncologist with postdoctoral training in Cancer Genetics and PhD training in molecular and cellular biology. Her research interests are in the genetics of human disease, particularly familial breast and prostate cancers, and in determinants of disease penetrance. She is the Director of the Men and BRCA Program within the Basser Center for BRCA at Penn Medicine and also the Director of the Cancer Genetics program at the Philadelphia VA. Her laboratory studies mechanisms of tumor formation in patients with inherited forms of breast and prostate cancer.

The Maxwell Lab is a translational human genetics and genomics research laboratory studying mechanisms of tumor formation in inherited cancer syndromes. Their studies are focused on breast and prostate cancer, with an interest in the broad range of tumor types affected by DNA repair deficiency. Their research utilizes multi-omics analyses of human samples coupled with in vitro and in vivo modelling systems to understand how tumors form in patients with inherited cancers.

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