Jesse A. Stoff, MD, MDH, FAAFP

Clinical Immunologist
Integrative Medicine of New York

Dr. Jesse A. Stoff is an internationally renowned physician with extensive credentials in clinical immunology and integrative medicine, focused on the treatment of cancers and auto‐immune diseases. He is a graduate of New York Medical College with extensive post‐doctoral fellowship at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, England. At his practice, Integrative Medicine of New York (IMNY) and the Stoff Institute for Medical Research (501c3), he consults with physicians and medical groups both in the US and abroad on immune system disorders and immune reconstitution. As a result of his research, he has developed several new molecular complexes, one of which is now being patented as a true antibiotic replacement.

Dr. Stoff is driven to bring “absolute wellness” to patients diagnosed with chronic diseases, including cancers and auto-immune disorders. The IMNY expert medical team is committed to using a broad and integrated spectrum of therapeutics, including the most advanced technology and clinical treatment solutions available, to help restore the immune system and support the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Stoff’s book on Onco-Immunology was the first truly comprehensive publication on the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program.

He is also extremely active in the public sector with some of the most prominent foundations for cancer research fundraising. Dr. Stoff’s recent project, “Awareness for a Cure” (a branch of the Stoff Institute for Medical Research (SIMR), is a non‐profit network supporting the cancer community and all cancer‐related foundations including the promotion of fundraising events, public grants and patient resources. AFAC also performs advocacy work through its quarterly newsletter that publishes current cancer news, updates on cancer resources, treatment options and survivor stories.

Dr. Stoff is the Founder/Publisher of Immunology Today, an online catalog and e‐magazine of globally published educational articles for public re‐distribution by all health, clinical and cancer‐related organizations. He is an Executive Board Member and Content Contributor of the NY Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA), a private professional network comprised of cancer related professionals including healthcare providers, researchers, educators, foundation leaders and advocates. NYCRA provides free support to all cancer‐related partnership projects, resource information & marketing support for start‐ups and collateral promotion of all educational events. And he is also a Co-Founder and Medical Advisory Board Member of First Responders Cancer Resource. Originally established as a cancer resource for 9/11 survivors, this SIMR public program is dedicated to the support of all first responders and provides public awareness of advanced and alternative cancer treatments to address all job‐related cancer cases.

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