Cheri Ambrose

Founder & President

For more than a decade, Cheri Ambrose has been a fighter and advocate for men with breast cancer and their families. She has worked closely with researchers, oncologists, pharmaceutical representatives and like-minded advocacy partners to ensure that men with breast cancer receive equal access to support and treatment. In 2014, she founded the Male Breast Cancer Coalition to be a “first-of-its-kind” virtual gathering place, as well as a “central” source of information, guidance and support. In November 2021, recognizing the organization’s expansion as a worldwide leader for male breast cancer survivors and volunteers, and its growing commitment to a wide spectrum of cancer-related advocacy and awareness campaigns, Cheri launched the Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance (MBCGA). Its redefined mission is to bring together men with breast cancer, researchers, clinicians and oncologists around the world for the purpose of advancing research, clinical trials and treatments for men diagnosed with breast cancer. A passionate, “hands-on” advocate, Cheri has persuaded drug companies to include men in the labeling of medications targeted at women with metastatic disease, has been instrumental in getting men into multiple clinical trials that had previously been open only to women, and has trained and developed hundreds of MBCGA survivor representatives to assist with advocacy work and educate diverse audiences on a global scale. She continuously works to forge and foster relationships between researchers around the world to facilitate their collaborative efforts toward developing life-saving treatments for breast cancer and metastatic disease.

Cheri is a graduate of the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s PROJECT LEAD program, and regularly participates in major annual conferences including the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Summit in Washington, DC, ASCO, SABCS, Metastatic Breast Cancer Scientific Conference, and the ABC Global Conference in Lisbon. As Co-Editor for the New York Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA), she is responsible for developing, editing and submitting content for a variety of health publications including, NYCRA News – Journal of Modern Healing, Health Scan News, and First Responders Health Report.

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