Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance Announces Partnership with
Jasper Health

May 14, 2024 – MBCGA is proud to announce our partnership with Jasper Health, a comprehensive digital platform that supports people affected by cancer and their care partners. Jasper offers cancer care navigation support, personalized guidance, smart planning and an in-app, peer-to-peer social experience—a safe space to connect with others on a similar journey.

A breast cancer diagnosis often triggers an extreme life change that is difficult to navigate, with an overload of questions and information that can result in feeling fearful and completely overwhelmed. Jasper Health’s Venture Chair & Co-Founder, Kira Wampler saw this firsthand when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. A visit to her friend at home revealed that she relied on dozens of sticky notes and an overfilled whiteboard to keep track of appointments, medications, to-do lists, and reminders. “I realized that a dire need existed for a better way to organize one’s journey through such a difficult time,” says Wampler. The company’s goal, says Adam Pelligrini, Co-Founder & CEO, is to provide tools and resources that ease the cancer journey, and help cancer patients feel more in control at a time in their lives when they really need that the most. “No one experiencing cancer should be crushed by the weight of managing their own treatment,” Jasper is on a mission to change that.”

Jasper Health provides the high-touch guidance that eases the journey for people living with cancer through one-on-one navigation, personalized information, and smart planning. Jasper Health doesn’t stop there, though—they also act as the central connector bringing together oncologists, care management teams, specialty pharmacists, caregivers, and more, to deliver whole-person care.

“Jasper’s history and ours is so much alike in that it is very personal,” says Cheri Ambrose, Founder & President of the Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance. “When I learned that a close male friend had breast cancer 14 years ago and refused to tell anyone, I set out to build an organization that would increase awareness about breast cancer in men, and provide a supportive platform for sharing resources, information, and personal journeys. Men diagnosed with breast cancer back then felt isolated. They had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn for help or guidance. Today, organizations like Jasper are making it possible for them to get the help they need and connect with others who have gone down a similar path. We are very excited about our partnership.”

Jasper Health’s platform, available for both desktop and mobile app, simplifies and centralizes all the intricacies that a cancer patient must face when diagnoses. An auto-create tool for appointment pages, to-do lists, and recommended tasks helps those living with cancer build and edit a personalized planner—one that organizes their entire lives, not just treatment. “Well-being” metrics help them see and keep track of how they are doing over time, offering greater insights to bring to medical team appointments. The app also conveniently integrates with Fitbit and Apple Watch, to track sleep, exercise, and mood; and provides a simple way to organize medications and supplements and keep track of how and when to take them.

Jasper’s Cancer Care Navigation team of nurses and clinically-trained professionals work with members to help improve their everyday well-being during cancer treatment and beyond, with personalized Action Plans for nutrition (including meal plans), finance, insurance review, clinical trial guidance, mental health, remission support, and more. There is also support for getting through the “new normal,” with remission resources, navigation, and guidance.

Access to Jasper’s personalized digital cancer care is available free-of-charge to all members of the Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance community. To learn more and sign up, visit

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