Luis A. Tuma

In February of 2023 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Invasive Carcinoma breast cancer. One day in June 2022, I felt a lump behind one of my nipples. When I […]

David McCallion

David McCallion, from Manchester England, was 55 years old when he noticed changes in one of his breasts. He first thought it was related to a previous diagnosis of Gynecomastia, which is […]

Roberto Barin

“I’m a 45-year-old man, I live in Spain. In August 2018 I felt a lump in my left breast. I was worried right away because it seemed a bit weird, […]

Dave Lyons

When I was in high school, I noticed a lump in my right breast just behind the nipple.  I was embarrassed and thought, maybe it will go away if I leave […]

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