Zweli Nkosi

Zweli Nkosi (61) lives in Gauteng, South Africa with his wife, Patricia. They have four adult children. Late September 2019, Zweli noticed blood stains on a white shirt he was […]

Mike Burrows

My name is Mike Burrows, aged 69, from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK. My story starts the first week of October 2022 when I was 68. Following my retirement in the August, […]

Christopher Gallo

I originally felt a small lump behind my right nipple toward the end of 2013 at the age of 41.  I had my wife feel it and neither one of […]

Tim Manshack

In November 2016, I was diagnosed with ductal breast carcinoma. My life had changed forever and now I’m on a crazy journey. I was a 55-year-old healthy man who worked many […]

Mark Collins

Breast cancer is seen as a woman’s disease, which is why it’s a shock when a man is diagnosed with it.  ASafe Director Mark Collins was one of them. According […]

Guy Nakoa

Aloha, my name is Guy Nakoa, I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. A culinarian for over two decades, I’ve worked with some of the best chefs and […]

Harvey Terwilliger

My name is Aileen and I am telling this story on behalf of my husband Harvey. Harvey is 59 years old. He was born and raised in NJ. He moved […]

Eric Hanson

In August 2007, after retiring from the Air Force, Eric and his wife Erika made the trek to Tucson Arizona to escape the snow and cold. He quickly realized that […]

Ronald Spruit

It was in the summer of 2017 that he suddenly felt a lump in his left breast while swimming. Ronald also noticed that his left nipple was inverted, something that […]

Jason Knipp

I work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) planning and funding airport development projects for 80 airports in Kansas. In May 2019, my breast cancer was discovered after seeing a […]

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