Fred van der Kade

In August 2018, I incidentally stroked my left breast. It was itchy, but suddenly I felt something hard. Felling again and again, it still was there. Something small and hard. […]

M. Kim Bottles

My first hint that something was wrong was when in late 2019 I noticed a strange feeling in my left nipple. It seemed sensitive to touch but really didn’t hurt […]

David Davidson

At the beginning of April 2023 I found a lump on my breast. My wife insisted I see my GP which I did next day. He arranged for me to […]

Doug Holloway

I was 59 years old and living in Puxico, Missouri, when I discovered a painful lump in my breast.  I had been working on a lawnmower and had hit my […]

Richard Landean

In November 2019, my family and I were in Philadelphia when I noticed a burning sensation in my left breast.  I tried to ignore it.  I realized the pain would […]

Miro Pehar

I found a ”ball” on my left breast, and it started to grow every day. All the time I thought it was a sebaceous gland and ignored it until the […]

Oliver Bogler

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2012 and am blogging about the latest research on this disease and my personal journey at and Tweet @obogler. I was working […]

Tom Gobroski

Tom Gobroski’s journey as a male breast cancer survivor and advocate for ABCD is a testament to his resilience, determination, and passion for helping others. Diagnosed in March 2015, Tom […]

Mike Rossiter

I first noticed a small lump under my left nipple in August 2013. I was then a very active runner and was beginning to train for the Manchester marathon in […]

Philip Alderson

My unusual diagnosis has spring boarded me into a world of new experiences and extraordinary people. By saying yes more I have started modelling for national household names and fashion […]

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