Roberto Barin

“I’m a 45-year-old man, I live in Spain. In August 2018 I felt a lump in my left breast. I was worried right away because it seemed a bit weird, […]

Kenneth Gomez

One morning, I had just finished showering and looked at myself in the hotel room mirror. I have always had man boobs, but this time my nipple was noticeably inverted. My wife, […]

Kurt DeAngelis

My breast cancer was discovered while watching television in bed and cuddling with my wife, Vickie, who noticed a lump and asked how long I’d had it. I was unaware […]

Kenneth “Sparky” Reddell

Two weeks before I felt my first lump, I had gotten a new tattoo. The doctor told me the ink from the tattoo went to the tumor and pissed off […]

Jonathon “JB” Cummings

My story begins in late 2013. While helping my wife in the kitchen, she jokes and grabs my left breast. She squeezes and makes a face. “There’s a lump,” she […]

Derrick Cameron

In 2009 I noticed a lump under on my chest while I was in the shower one day. This occurred during flag football season, so I figured it was a […]

Vance Stacks Jr.

My name is Vance Stacks, Jr. and I am a breast cancer survivor!  I am a 3x male breast cancer survivor!  I am a son, a brother, a grandson, a […]

Brian Lynch

In December 2020, I came in from an hour of shoveling snow. It was a frigid, cold night and as I changed my clothes, I noticed that my left nipple […]

Michael Cadez

Our family’s battles with breast cancer started in 2013 when my sister was diagnosed at 35. We were worried for her to go through chemo, but we had confidence that […]

Adrian Szałek

How did you find out you had breast cancer? I felt a literally tiny ball the size of a pinhead under my skin on my chest. And a red light […]